VM2RC - Convex Rectal Probe
VM2RC - Convex Rectal Probe
VM2RC - Convex Rectal Probe
VM2RC - Convex Rectal Probe
VM2RC - Convex Rectal Probe

VM2RC - Convex Rectal Probe


Our all-in-one wireless convex rectal probe is a mini ultrasound scanner that connects to your tablet or smartphone wirelessly. It displays clear images of the reproductive organs of cattle, horses and buffalo, helping to diagnose and treat them. It is waterproof, easy to use and comes with free software.

Technical specifications

Weight and dimensions

    600 g

Battery and connectivity

Sistemas compatibles:
Tipo de WiFi:
    Built-in lithium battery, working time 6 hours


    Reproductive monitoring of cattle, horses and buffaloes.

Main characteristics

    • Display: Phone or tablet screen
    • Probe type: Convex rectal probe
    • Scan angle: R60
    • Frequency: 3.5/5 MHz
    • Scanning mode: B
    • Display depth: 100mm
    • Image adjustment: Gain, depth, DR, focus, SRI
    • Measurement: Length and area
    • Puncture assist function: In-plane puncture guidance line, out-of-plane puncture guidance line, needle enhancement
    • Image frame rate: 20 frames/second
    • Cinplay: >50s

Real life images

Our devices reproduce excellent image quality.

Waterproof design

  • The software is free for life.
  • Waterproof design, convenient for cleaning.

Compact design

Wireless connection to Tablet or Smartphone, no cables, easy to carry and use.


Easy-to-use software

  • You can install the application on any Android or iOS device.
  • It starts up in one second and goes into operation immediately.
  • Simple operation, short learning curve for people with no ultrasound experience.

Download the application for: