YANO Multi-Parameter Health Monitor
YANO Multi-Parameter Health Monitor

YANO Multi-Parameter Health Monitor


This is a smart wearable monitor that measures your vital signs. You can monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, electrocardiogram, blood oxygen, blood glucose, respiratory rate and temperature with just one touch. In addition, the device alerts you if any of your parameters are out of normal ranges and notifies your caregiver and treating physician. This way you can prevent complications and improve your quality of life.

Technical specifications

Weight and dimensions

    70 g
    7x7x1.5 mm

Battery and connectivity

    USB rechargeable battery
    iOS y Android
    Bluetooth® connection

It measures

    • Blood pressure
    • Heart rate
    • Blood glucose level
    • Electrocardiogram
    • Body temperature
    • Mood index
    • Blood oxygen
    • Respiratory rate

Main characteristics

    • It has an alarm system if any value is out of normal range; sending an alert to the doctor via push notification, email and sms.
    • Equipped with multiple state-of-the-art sensors.
    • Records and saves the data obtained and presents it in the form of graphs and tables on demand.
    • Allows healthcare providers to track the health of their patients.

Real life images

How it works

    With the Yano multi-parameter monitor and our app, you can use your cell phone to get measurements of your vital signs quickly and easily. Just connect the two devices and press a button to see the results on the screen.
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    Integral Multiparameter
    The Yano multi-parameter monitor is a versatile and complete device that helps you take care of your health in a comprehensive way.
    The Yano multi-parameter monitor is a small, lightweight medical device that you can take anywhere you go. Just connect it to your cell phone and use our app to measure your vital signs in seconds. The Yano multiparameter monitor is compact, yet powerful and accurate.

Descarga la app

Con nuestra aplicación, puedes transformar tu teléfono celular en un dispositivo médico que te permite medir tus signos vitales en cualquier momento y lugar. Solo necesitas el monitor multiparámetros Yano, que se conecta con tu celular mediante Bluetooth, y nuestra aplicación, que te guía paso a paso para obtener los resultados.

Descarga nuestra aplicación hoy y descubre una forma más fácil y cómoda de cuidar tu salud.